Published: 2022-10-10

Quality Management Of Logistics Services: Vietnamese Enterprise Research



Students' Spatial Ability in Learning Non-Euclid Geometry Through Ethnomathematics Approach

Khathibul Umam Zaid Nugroho, YL Sukestiyarno, Sugiman, M. Asikin


Impact Of Characteristics And Knowledge Of Marginal Communities On Participation In The Use Of MKJP

Ahmad Syaekhu , Hamsul Abdul Gani , Ramli Umar , Nurlita Pratiwi , Irma


Restorative Justice As A Model For Termination Of Criminal Prosecutions

Deddi Diliyanto , Amiruddin , Gatot Dwi Hendro Wibowo , Lalu Parman


Civic Learning As A Prerequisite For Democratic Values And Civil Society – Case Study

Pāvels Jurs , Alīda Samuseviča , Dina Bethere , Linda Pavītola , Inta Kulberga


The Ecosystem Of The Citizenship Education Concept For Building Civic Competence

Pāvels Jurs , Alīda Samuseviča , Dina Bethere , Maija Ročāne , Santa Striguna


The Secondary School Academic Performance In Relation To Homework: Student’s Feedback

Fahmi Latif , Dr. Muhammad Ashfaq , Qandeel Noor , Sumair Abdul Basit , Dr. Abdul Basit


The Perception Of Self And Others Among Students With Depression And Anxiety: A Cross-Sectional Study

Naseem Hafeez Malik , Atiqa Ahmed , Hafsa Ayyub , Sarosh Malik , Rabia Ali Ghuryani , Aeman Haroon


Experimental Approach To Study The Effect Of Endorser’s Credibility & Brand Credibility On Consumer-Based Brand Equity

Syed Muzamil Rashdi , Muhammad Ismail wasan , Mehwish Manzoor , Uzair Essa Kori


A Study To Diagnose The Secondary School Teachers’ Beliefs About The Use Technological Innovations In Teaching Learning Process

Dr. Shafqat Ali , Dr. Tariq Mahmood , Muhammad Saleem , Dr. Safia Rehmat Ullah , Abid Ali


Nexus Of Performance Appraisal, Organizational Trust And Organizational Performance: An Empirical Evidence From Academicians

Ahmad Ali , Rafid Ullah , Aman Ullah , Ahmed Saeed , Shumaila Hashim , Muhammad Hamayun , Massaud Akhtar


Analysis Of Banking Monetizing Sale In Islamic Law {Bay Al Tawarruq Al Masrafi} {بيع التورق المصرفي}

Dr. Mohammad Nawaz (Al hasani) , Dr. Hafiz Muhammad Shabbir Ahmad , Hafiz Hussnain Khaliq , Amara Hanif


Effectiveness Of Teacher’s Centered Approach On Student’s Learning At University Level

Dr. Sadaf Zamir Ahmed , Dr. Sohaib Sultan , Mamoona Kousar , Hafiz Abdul Basit , Dr. Raham Zaid , Sidra Bano


How Social Capital Varies With Socio-Demographic Factors In The High Mountainous Gilgit District, Pakistan?

Tajir Hussain, Saira Akhtar, Shabbir Ahmad, Naima Nawaz, Aimon Aslam Rao, Munazzah Manzoor, Wajeeha Khalil, Iftikhar Ali


An Analytical Study Of Women’s Rights In Islam And CEDAW, 1979 With Special Reference To Pakistani Law

Sajida Faraz , Dr. Fazli Dayan , Prof. Dr. Muhammad Zia ul Haq , Naila Rafique , Fatima Murad , Dr. Mian Muhammad Sheraz


An Investigation Into The Mediating Effect Of Affective Commitment Between Distributive Justice And Teachers’ In-Role Performances

Professor Dr. Jamshed Adil Halepota , Professor Dr Sajida Parveen , Dr. Asghar Ali , Nabeel Anjum , Dr. Anjum Ihsan , Dr. Nazim Ali


What Mental Health Intervention Needed During Covid-19 Pandemic?

Dr. Krishna Chandra Choudhary, Sarita Kumari


Exploring The Role Of Demographics And Emotional Processing In Pseudobulbar Affect

Nazish Bashir , Rabia Bashir , Kiran Akram , Khurram Elahi , Sana Rafique


Enhancing Sociopreneurship Student Skills In Disabilities Field: A Project Based Learning Approach

Chafit Ulya , Sarwiji Suwandi , Joko Nurkamto , Kundharu Saddhono


Job Stress Among The Nurses Of The Emergency Department At King Fahad Specialist Hospital In Buraidah City

Sami Oqab Alshammari , Kayid Naif Alamri , Bandr Dhidan Alshammary , Mahmoud Abdel Hameed Shahin


Secondary School Students' Perceptions Toward Physical Education In Central Fiji

Mohammed Feroz Ali (Corresponding Author) , Mumtaz Alam , Nazim Ali , Joeli Dakuidreketi


Visit Visa Abuse by Foreigners

Luh Putu Sudini , Desak Gde Dwi Arini


Carok And The Cultural Hegemony Of Masculinity On Ethnic Madura, East Java-Indonesia

Siti Aminah , Toetik Koesbardiati , Pudjio Santoso , Roikan


Call For The Nutritional Requirements For The Cognitive Development Of The Younger Children During And After The Covid-19 Pandemic: A Review For Parents

Gunjan Khera , Ratna Chandrika Yelisetty , Gavin Malcolm Spence , and Ayesha Mohammad Ibrahim Alsuwaidi


Analytical Study Of The Feminine Element Of Sufism In Light Of Annemarie Schimmel’s “Mystic Dimensions Of Islam”

Dr. Humaira Khalil , Dr. Ammara Rehman , Dr. Muhammad Yaseen (Corresponding Author) , Dr. Muhammad Husnain , Dr. Faiza Anjum , Dr. Muhammad Saeed Sheikh , Dr.Muhammad Shafiq Anjum


An Assessment Of Electoral Reforms In Pakistan (2018- 2022)

Dr. Hamida Bibi , Dr. Sadaf Bashir , Dr. Surat Khan


Marlowe Vs. Tolstoy: The Workings Of Greed On Man: With Susann Basinet Comparative Lens

Naseem Ullah , Muhammad Bilal , Dr. Sajjad Ahmad , Sumara Mehmood


Visions, Strategies, And Practices Of Muslim Leader In Islamic Society

Dr. Hafiz Muhammad Ibrar Ullah , Dr. Fareed Ud Din Tariq , Dr. Muhammad Yaseen , Dr. Muhammad Husnain , Dr. Amir Hayat , Dr. Ruqayya Akhtar


Global Security And Human Rights

Muhammad Asif Safdar , Dr. Naureen Akhtar , Khurram Baig , Waqas Ahamad


Bibliometrics Analysis Of Primary Education Policy On The Scopus Database

Hai- Hoang Nam , Thu- Do Minh , Toan – Le Vu , Thang-Nguyen The , Thang –Ngoc Hoang


Perception Of University Students Towards Human Psychological Development Through Sports Participation

Farhan Ali Khaskheli , Muhammad Hashim Darya , Nisar Ahmed Khaskheli , Arbab Ali Laghari , Neelofar Shaikh


Topical Issues Of Road Safety In The Kyrgyz Republic

Amanai Akmatova , Egemberdi Toktorov , Adel Babaeva , Alim Bazhikbaev ,Markilen Babaev


Health Screening Of Chronic Medical Conditions In Community Pharmacies Of Mysuru City

Byadgi Revenasiddappa Jaidev Kumar , Rakshith , Siddartha , Suryashri Krishnasamy , Sudarshan Saravanan , Shwetha


Linguistic Adaptation And Analysis Of The Psychometric Properties Of The Psychological Affect Scales (PAS-12), Work Engagement (COLA-11) And Post-Covid-19 Work Satisfaction And Well-Being (BSL-12C) In Ecuadorian Population

Juan Martin Cordero-Matovelle , Andrés Alexis Ramírez-Coronel , Gloria Alexandra Latacela , Edwin Alberto Maxi-Maxi , Cristina Carrasco-Carrillo , Viviana Calderón-Neira , Pedro Carlos Martínez-Suárez


Factors Influencing Student Entrepreneurial Intentions With The Moderating Role Of COVID-19: A Comparison Study

Diala Neebal Al Bati , Alaeddin Ahmad , Amani Mashhoor Al-Refai , Rami Aldweeri


The Use Of Polyethylene Strips For In Stream Treating Of Agriculture Wastewater Drains

El Nadi, M. H. , Hassan, A. A. , Mohamed, S. A. , Abdelmomen , M. M. , Soliman, R.A.


Thinking Global, Acting Local: Climate Change, Ecological Stress And Livelihood Choices In Fiji

Mumtaz Alam (Corresponding Author) , Mohammed Feroz Ali , Priyanka Devi , Khuswand Naidu


Inner Strength And Psychological Well-Being Of Students In Malaysia And Indonesia During The Covid-19 Pandemic

Nor Shafrin Ahmad , Nashyira Hamsan , Raras Sutatminigsih , Robert Sibarani & Iskandar Zulkarnain


Overview Of Balochistan As A Place Of Global Interest

Jahanzaib Jalil , Shumaila Kamal Khan , Latifa Mansoor


What Kinds Of Physical Activities Have Suffered In Fiji Due To The COVID-19 Outbreak?: An Analysis Of Primary School Teacher’s

Mohammed Feroz Ali , Dr. Mumtaz Alam (Corresponding Author) , Dr. Mohammad Ahsan , Dr. Sunil Kumar , Jubeena Nazmeen Nisha


Origin Of Sins, Definitions، Lexicographic Interpretation, And Grade Of Kabeerah And Sagheerah

Dr. Hafiz Muhammad Ibrar Ullah ,Dr Hafiz Jawaad Haseeb ,Dr. Fareed Ud Din Tariq , Dr Hafiz Jamshed Akhtar , Dr Khalil Ur Rehman ,Dr Shafiqa Bushra


Memory Type Estimator Of Population Mean Using Exponentially Weighted Moving Averages In Two-Phase Sampling

Naeem Shahzad , Abdelhamid ZAIDI , Dr. Sayma Zia , Abida , Zuraidah Derasit and Nadeem Shahzad


The Role Of Media In Islamic Da’wah In A Plural Society: Significance, Prerequisites And Techniques

Dr. Muhammad Akram Hureri , Abdur Rehman , Hafiz Wahaib ur Rehman Naeem , Zobia Parveen , Dr. Mohammad Zakir Hashmi , Abdul Basit


The Strategy Of Peaceful Rise

Sami satar gawhar and Noor abdellah ajrash


Generating Implicature Through Intertextuality In English Poetic Texts

Ayhan Omer Ahmed , Prof. Dr. Qasim Obayes Al-Azzawi (Ph.D.)


Reproductive Behavior And Gender-Based Violence

Sarah Labib Wafi , Asst. Prof. Dr. Suad Radhee


The Collective And Individual Uniqueness Of The Children Of Kindergarten

Abeer Hatem Hadi , Prof. Dr. Altaf Yassin Khader


Strive For Precision Among The Distinguished Students

Manaar Abid Al-Razaq Latif , Prof. Dr. Iman Sadik Abid Al-karim


The Role Of Cognitive Consistency On Baghdad University’s Students

Ithmar Shaker Al-Shatry , Eman Abdul-Jabbar Asaad


Effects Of Online Learning Experience, Cognitive Presence And Psychological Well-Being Among University And College Students During Pandemic In Pakistan And KSA

Anmol Riaz , Kashmala Zaman , Tayyaba Safdar , Sayed Shahbal , Aishah Raja Alsolami , Eqbal Abdullwahab Mohammad Alfi , Amal Hamoud Alamrani


Influence Of Online Fashion Apps On Adoption Of Luxury Skincare Products

Ms. Monika , Dr. Deepa Kapoor , Dr. Priya Gupta


A Review Of Freud’s Gender Theory In The Context Of Islamic Law

Hafiz Muhammad Afzal , Dr. Salman Ahmad Khan, Shafqat ur Rahman , Dr.Malik Kamran , Muhammad Idrees, Hafiz wahaib ur Rhman, Dr.Sayed Alam Jmal Abdussalam Hsham


Religious Other: A Systematic Review Of Contemporary Muslim Discourses For Co-Existence

Dr. Neelam Bano , Dr. Javaria Hassan , Dr. Humaira Ahmad , Rafia Razaq , Dr. Malik Kamran , Muhammad Idrees, Hafiz Rehan Najeeb Kalani


Impact Of Covid-19 On Trust, Security And Privacy Of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Mobile Banking App Users

Dr. Adeel Rahim , Dr. Rabia Ishrat , Zill-I-Jannat , Muhammad Imran Khan Afridi


How Tiktok Addiction Leads To Mental Health Illness? Examining The Mediating Role Of Academic Performance Using Structural Equation Modeling

Dr. Muniba Fatima Zahra , Dr. Tehmina Ashfaq Qazi , Ashbeelah Shafaqat Ali , Dr. Noor Hayat , Dr. Taimoor ul Hassan


Adolescent Deviant Behavior And Satisfaction With Life : A Brief Inquiry

Dr. Afreen Faiza , Tooba Farooqui , Hasnain Raza


Systemic Capacity Building In Mattiro Deceng Implementation Unit Of Women’s Social Service Center

Nurul Mufidah , Gita Susanti , Muhammad Yunus , Muhammad Irvan Nur Iva


The Principles Of The Betterment Of A Society In The Perspective Of The Holy Prophet’s Characterization (Seerat-Ul- Nabi (Pbuh) (Specific Study Of Fraternization (Mawakhawt Madinah) And Charter Of Madinah)

Dr. Hafiz Muhammad Mudassar shafique , Dr. Hafiz Mohsin Zia Qazi , Dr. Hafiz Zahid Latif , Dr. Imtiaz Ahmad , Dr. Muhammad Sajjad Malik


Integrative Model Of Holistic Iridology Principles With The Four Noble Truths For Learning

Sukanya Manobal , Lampong Klomkul , Phramaha Sombat Dhanapañño


Problems And Prospectus For Special Population Towards Participation In Sports

Kashif Mehmood , Dr. Mohibullah Khan Marwat , Muhammad Safdar Ali , Dr. Rahila Nizami , Yasir Iqbal , Manzar Shahab , Samera Saman , Sofia Saba


Prevalence And Effect Of Anxiety Among The Football Players From Different Cultural Backgrounds

Dr. Mohibullah Khan Marwat , Dr. Rahila Nizami , Hummaira Farah , Muhammad Safdar Ali , Yasir Iqbal , Ms. Shagufta Akhtar , Samera Saman , Kashif Mehmood


Counter-Terrorism And Counter-Violent Extremism Policies Of The PML-N Government (2013-2018) And Role Of The PPP As The Main Parliamentary Opposition: An Analysis

Shaista Gohar , Ambreena Begum , Safia Jawad , Hasnain Sajid , Dr. Zahid Ullah , Sumayya , Syed Kazim Ali Shah , Afzaal Amin


Social Control And Violation Of Family Rights (Assaulting Assets As A Model)

Noor Samir Hamid , Asst. Prof. Dina Dawood Muhammad


Political Participation Of Women: An Analysis

Moirangthem Nandibala Chanu


Role Of Projected And Non- Projected Teaching Aids In Teaching Learning Process

Mohmad Altaf Dar , Dr. Roopali Kudare , Yasir Ahmad Dar , Dr. Imran Ali , Dr. Shariq Mohammed


Imprisonment And Its Application Injunction In Islamic Law

Mohammad Hakam Shariati, Sayed Hayatullah Hidaree, Azizulrahman Aziz, Zabihullah Mufakker


Erp Implementation Process Improvement: A Methodological Proposals

Fayiz Momani , Anas G. Kanaan , M. Hafiz Yusoff , Syarilla Iryani A. Saany , Amer Hatamleh , Yousef A.Baker El-Ebiary


Internet Of Things Challenges And Obstacles - A Comparative Study

Anas G. Kanaan , Fayiz Momani , M. Hafiz Yusoff , Syarilla Iryani A. Saany , Amer Hatamleh , Yousef A.Baker El-Ebiary


Factors Affecting Saudi Students’ Achievement In Reading Literacy In Light Of PISA 2018

Dr. Abdullah S Alshalawi , Dr. Hassan Saleem Alqurashi


Relationship Between Personality Trait, And Mental Health Well-Being, The Mediating Role Of Emotional Intelligence Among Healthcare Workers In Jizan, KSA

Ali Ibrahim Noshili , Ahmed A Najmi , Majed A Najmi, Hassan M Ali Abiri, Fahad Y Gassim Khubrani , Fawaz M Abu Taweel , Ali A Homadi Alhurrath , Jamal M Hamzi , Waheed A Yahya Madkhali , Adel A Abdali , Hassan A Ayyashi , Abdulrahman Y Madkhali


Analysis Of Cartoon Film Watching On Psycho-Social And Educational Orientation Of The Primary Level Learners

Dr. Muhammad Iqbal , Dr. Mukhtar Ahmed , Dr. Atia Arshad Malik , Zaib Un Nisa


Counselling Psychology: The Role Recognition In India

Sargun Bedi , Dr. Ravneet Kaur


Formation Of Familistic Competence In Adolescent Boys

Inoyatkhan I. Tuychieva , Sherzodbek D. Ismailov


Assessment Of Functional Outcome Of Management Of Distal End Femur Fractures

Dr. Anupam Kolekar , Dr. Nishant K Gaonkar , Dr. Ravindra B Gunaki


Assessment Of Outcome Of Submuscular Plating In Paediatric Femoral Shaft Fractures

Dr. Ravindra B Gunaki , Dr. Sandeep Patil , Dr. Paresh Patil


Assessment Of Outcome Of Retrograde Nailing In Distal 1/3rd Fracture Shaft Femur

Dr. Ravindra B Gunaki , Dr. Sandeep Patil , Dr. Nishant K Gaonkar


Assessment Of Role Of Proximal Femoral Nail In Management Of Intertrochanteric Femur Fracture

Dr. Ravindra B Gunaki , Dr. Nishant K Gaonkar , Dr. Sandeep Patil


The Reconstruction Of “Siri Culture” In Bugis Perspective Of Islamic Education

St. Wardah Hanafie Das , Abdul Halik , Hendrowidarto , Nasrul , Ardhie Noer , Sahrul Takim , Adnan , Lukman , Mohtar Umasugi , Muh. Poli


Financial And Tax Economic System In Surhan Oasis

Eshbolta Kabulov Atamurotovich, Abdugani Tuxtaev Kilichevich, Oybek Isaev Ahmadovich, Ilyos Khasanov Tuychiyevich, Ulguzi Ashurova Isroil kizi


Main Characteristics Of Table Tennis In International Sport And Technologies Of Playing It

Yakubjonov Ikrom Akramjonovich , Umarov Abdusamat Abdumalikovich , Umarova Zulxumor Urinboyevna , Mo’ydinov Iqbol Abduxamidovich , Azizov Muxammad Azamovich , Aminov Botir Umidovich


The Role And Analysis Of Quality Education On The Perspective Of Socio-Economic Development Of Balochistan Province Of Pakistan

Dr. Siraj Bashir , Dr. Waseem Sadiq , Dr. Huma Zafar , Anjuman Murtaza , Parveen Naseer


Improving The Investment Environment In The Country: The Role And Analysis Of Banks In The Modernization Of Industry

Kasimov Azamat , Ismailov Akmal , Norqobilov Nusratillo , Melikov Otabek


Evaluation Of Feedback On Teaching Learning Material With-Out And With Implementation Of Lesson Plan

Ganapathi Swamy Chintada , Sri Pavan Kumar A , Satyendra Kumar , Govinda Rao S , S Sumalatha , Ushasri Tammineni


Determinants Of Family Planning Choices And Barriers Among Women Attending Private Fertility Clinics In Delta State

Nwogueze Bartholomew Chukwuebuka , Ofili Mary Isioma , Onyenwenyi Anthonia Oguoguo Confidence , Mukoro Ufuoma Jemima


Emotional Intelligence: A Literature Review Of Its Concept, Models, And Measures

Anamika Singh , Dr Rajkiran Prabhakar , Jatoth Sai Kiran


A Cross- Disciplinary Genre Analysis Of Phd Theses Abstracts Of Pakistan

Hina Manzoor , Dr. Sumera Umrani , Dr. Saman Hina


A Model Of Asian Elephant Conservation Based On Environmental Education In Thailand

Alongkot Chukaew , WEE Rawang , Seree Woraphong , Kanok Wongtrangan


A Comparison Of Symmetric Key Encryption Algorithms In Secure Cloud Storage Using Ehrs

S. Shwetha , P. Banupriya , M. Nanthini , S. Vaishnavi , Dr. M. P. Revathi , Mrs. G. Keerthana , AP


Tata Versus Mistry: A Boardroom Battle Of Governance

Dr. Manmohan Vyas and Dr. Komal Singh


Rehabilitation Of Sprained Ankle Using Internet Of Things Technology

Annapoorani C L , Sofia Bobby J , Subha Ramya V , Divyabharathi , Hemadharshini N and Jathursha U


Legal Aspects In Management And Development Of Wet Land Tourism Village In Barito Kuala Regency

Akhmadi Yusran , Deden Koswara , Ahmad Fikri Hadin and Muhammad Erfa Redhani


Problems Of Copyright Protection In The National Legislation Of Uzbekistan

Abdullahodzhaev Gairat Talipovich , Utanova Umida Agzamkhodzhaevna , Inoyatov Kutluzhon Ҳamdamovich , Alimov Nodir Yunusovich


The Impotance Of Scaffolding Method In Improving Esp Students` Communicative Competence

Azizova Gulnora Shakirdjanovna , Rajabova Nargisa Ravshanovna , Jumatova Nasiba Saburovna


The Influence Of Parental Relationships On Adolescent Gender Identity

O.A. Otajonova , F.Sh.Islamova , F. Sh. Fayazova , B. S. Nematov


The Impact Of The Tax Burden On The Economic Activity Of Organizations

Berdieva Uguloy Abdurakhmanovna , Ibragimov Boburshoh Boxodir o`g`li


Experimental Cattle Feeding Indicators And Expected Results In The Republic Of Karakalpakstan

Naurizov Tokhtamis Qidirbergenovich , Eshmuratova Sulukhan Tulegenovna


Modern Approaches To Management Of Training Of Highly Qualified Personnel In The New Uzbekistan Higher Education System

Akram Odilovich Ochilov , Egamberdi Ostonov , Bekzod Tulkinovich Shodiev , Tulkin Shokirovich Ergashev , Fazliddin Faxriddinovich Khakkulov


Grammatical Categories Of Adjective, Adverb, Pronoun, Numerals In English, Russian And Kyrgyz Languages

Dilfuza Saiidyrakhimova ,Masturakhan Sharipova , Azarabu Kulubekova , Nazira Tilekova , Ravshanbek Abakulov , Aizhanyl Shermatova , Omurgul Mataeva , Gulzhan Bakirova


Evaluation Of Protective Effect Of Vinpocetine In Reserpine-Induced Depression In Wistar Rats

Bhavya Agarwal , Priyanka Pal , Lalit Parihar , Dr. Lubhan Singh , Sumit kumar Mittal


The Narratives Of Motherland In Kiran Desai’s Novel ‘The Inheritance Of Loss’

Dr. Siddarth Keshao Patil , Prof. Dr. Varsha Vaidya


Review In Mucoadhesive Bio-Flexy Film For Translabial Mucosal Drug Delivery

Prashant Kumar , Vishal , Shivanshi Saini , Wasif Rao , Devika Gautam , Utkarsh Singh , Prince Malik , Deepak Singh Aswal


School Environment: A Predictor of Students’Performance at Secondary Level in Pakistan

Shazia Jabeen , Muhammad Siddique , Dr. Kramat Ali Mughal , Huma Khalid , Waqas Shoukat


To Record Poisoning Related Changes In Liver Autopsy

Dr. Ajay Y. Pednekar , Dr. Nelson Nishant Kumar Lyngdoh , Dr.Chandrakant M.Kokatanur


Adventure Game Application To Introduce “Perang Kembang” Story

Jazuli Abdin Munib1, Bani Sudardi , Titis Srimuda Pitana , Rahmanu Widayat , Deny Tri Ardianto


Human Psychology Through The Holy Qur'an

Dr. Adnan M N AL-Anezi


The Impact Of Interactive Whiteboards In EFL Classes

Ogerta Koruti Stroka , Etleva Koni


Are Teachers Happy? A Correlational Study Of Emotional Intelligence And Psychological Well-Being

Nur Farhana Mohamed Zaki , Nor Aniza Ahmad (PhD) , Tee Ker Shin


Social Media Use: A Driving Force Of Disordered Body Image?

Dr. Jayashri S , Dr. Mrinalini Reddy , Dr. Supritha Nimmala , Dr. Arul Saravanan


Teachers' And Students' Experiences In Chemistry Learning Difficulties

Narayan Prasad Timilsena ; Krishna Bhakta Maharjan ; Krishna Maya Devkota


What Are The Notable Concepts In Measuring Digital Leadership Among Teachers?

Nurhafizah Abdul Musid , Mohd Effendi Ewan Mohd Matore & Aida Hanim A. Hamid


Cost Analysis Of Banking Transactions In The Digital Age

Khamdan Rifa’i , Nurul Setianingrum , Nurul Widyawati IR , Retna Anggitaningsih , Fauzan , M. Hamdi HS




The Determinants Of Poverity Under Multidimensional Approach In Urban Areas Of Western Ethiopia

Kidane Alemu Ago , Shemshedin Mohamed , Eshetu Beyene , Wakjira Kitesa


Self Esteem And Academic Performance Of Students In Public Secondary Schools In Punjab District Attock

Wajid Mahnaz , Muhammad Naeem Shah , Noor Muhammad , Zafrana Syed , Fehmina Anjum


Philosophy Of Ethics In Muslim Society

Dr. Hafiz Muhammad Idrees , Dr. Hafsa Abbasi , Dr. Shameem Akhtar , Talib Ali Awan , Dr. Maria Mann , Dr. Shamshad Akhter


A Study On M-Banking System Amongst Consumers In Silchar – Assam (India)

Mr. Saumyabrata Nath , Dr. Manisha Choudhary , Dr. Kanika Parashar


Assessment Of Alteration In Blood Alcohol Concentration With Time In Samples Collected From Living Human Subjects

Dr. Chandrakant M.Kokatanur , Dr. Ajay Y. Pednekar , Dr. Nelson Nishant Kumar Lyngdoh


To Evaluate The Pattern Of Ligature Marks And Their Relationship To Death Mode

Dr. Ajay Y. Pednekar , Dr. Nelson Nishant Kumar Lyngdoh , Dr.Chandrakant M.Kokatanur


To Determine The Foot Measurement For Stature Estimation

Dr. Chandrakant M.Kokatanur , Dr. Ajay Y. Pednekar , Dr. Nelson Nishant Kumar Lyngdoh


Optimization Of Radiation Dose For Ct Head In Trauma Population

Joel L George , Gourav Kumar , Rajesh Yadav, Dheeraj Kumar , Bhanu Pratap , Wilson Hrangkhawl


Maternal Satisfaction With Breastfeeding At The End Of Puerperium And Associated Factors

Dr. Anuradha Murugesan , Dr. Dharani S , Dr. Shanmugapriya ,Dr. Saswati Tripathy


The Figurative Images (Simile And Metaphor) In Samples Of Prose Signing Quotations In The Abbasid Era

Dr. Amer Mahmood Rabei , Dr.Mahmood Muhammad Rabei , Dr. Ali Ahmad Almomani , Dr. Mohamed Tawfiq Bataineh


An Analysis On The Level Of Scientific Attitude Among Undergraduate Students

Dr. Jatindra Borah , Malabika Hazarika , Ranjita Barman


The Integration Of Innovative Technology With Native Language And Literature Education

Mahbuba Tojiboyeva Rakhimovna , Tashboltayeva Tajikhon Abdulhamidovna


Gender Stereotype In Adolescence The Study Of The Formation Of Properties

Saliyeva Dilorom Abdullaevna , Rakhmonova Ayshakhan Oribovna


Ways To Preserve Mind In Islam In The Present Era

Fathi Mahmoud Mohamed Abdul Rahman


The Fundamental Of Jurisprudence And Legitimacy Of Medical Work

Basher Taher Ahmed F. Frnana , Prof. Madya. Dr. Ahmed Bin Che Yaacob , Dr. Zullkflee Bin Haron


Role Of Self-Efficacy In The Relationship Of Training And Employee Performance

Ayman S A Saad , Assoc. Prof. Dr. Dhakir Abbas Ali , Shaymaa Radhi Hashim , Mohammed Ali Maram , Dr. Raja Gopal Muthusamy


Impact Of Self-Efficacy On Saudi Performance

Obaid Tameem , Assoc. Prof. Dr. Dhakir Abbas Ali , Shaymaa Radhi Hashim , Mohammed Ali Maram , Dr. Raja Gopal Muthusamy


Determining The Factors Affecting The Quality Of Engineering Education

Susan Mohammed Jaafar Al-Zuhairi , Dr. Muhammet Enis Bulak


Exploring Ghana’s Indigenous Metalworks By Using Chasing And Repousse Techniques

Nicholas Addo Tetteh , Isaac Kwabena Agyei , Peggy Ama Fening




Gender Stereotype In Adolescence The Study Of The Formation Of Properties

Saliyeva Dilorom Abdullaevna , Rakhmonova Ayshakhan Oribovna


Interpreting Female Farmers' Subjective Welfare In Songan Village, Kintamani District, Bangli District

Kadek Rai Suwena , Made Kembar Sri Budhi , Ida Ayu Saskara , I.G.W. Murjana Yasa


Analysis Of Climate Trend Causes Of The Event Of Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever (Dhf) In Batam City 2016-2021

Herdianti , Dewi Susanna , Tris Eryando , Siti Nurhalizah Ramadhani , Roni Saputra


Career Engagement On The Talent Of Women Leaders In Millennial Generation

Paramita Purwanto , Fendy Suhariadi , Praptini Yulianti


The Supervision Model For Village Financial Management In Preventing Corruption In Village Funds

Rahima Br Purba, Farid Aulia, Haryono Umar, Oktarini Khamilah Siregar, Eriadi


“A Study To Assess Knowledge, Attitude And Practice Of Early Initiation Of Breastfeeding In Mothers Who Delivered At Tertiary Care Centre”

Dr. Darshil Shivabhai Prajapati , Dr. Shilpa Gupta ( Corresponding Author ) , Dr. Krunali Mistry , Dr. Nirmika Patel


Teachers' Perceptions Of Curriculum Reforms In Fijian Primary Schools

Mohammed Feroz Ali , Dr. Mumtaz Alam (Corresponding Author) , Purnima Pushpa Din , Jubeena Nazmeen Nisha


Negotiating Natural Resources: A Case Study Of Environmental Conflict Resolution

Saad Balhasan , Biltayib M. Biltayib , Mahmoud Elsharafi , Mohamed Omar , Ibrahim Musbah


The Form Of Swearing In Indramayu Javanese: A Sociopragmatics Analysis

Imas Juidah , Andayani , Sarwiji Suwandi , Muhammad Rohmadi


Web-Based Disease Mapping System Using Clustering Technique For Rural Health Unit: An Assessment Study Towards System Development

Joesua R. Manzanero, Reymar V. Manaloto, Winchell Ceazar R. Desamero, Paul Jensen P. Lara


Psychological Capital And Mental Health Of Pakistani Rescue Workers: The Role Of Professional Quality Of Life

Maryam Haleem (Main Author) , Dr. Sobia Masood (Co-author) , Dr. Shawana Fazal (Corresponding author & Co-author) , Farrukh Nazir (Co-author)


Developing Of A Comic Digital Gallery To Improve The Potential Of Visual Communication Design Students

Sayid Mataram , Andrik Purwasito , Slamet Subiyantoro , Deny Tri Ardianto


A Study On Challenges Faced By Entrepreneurs

Dr. Padma Bhaskar , Prof. Girivasuki K , Prof. Vanaja V


Building A Basketball Program In The Form Of A Club In The Physical Education

Dr. Phung Xuan Dung , Dr. Nguyen Van Hoa , Dr. Nguyen Quoc Tram , Trinh Thi Thanh Minh


Assessment Of Performance Of Agile Supply Chain Enablers For An Indian Industry Using Mcdm

Dr. Vivek Gedam , Sandeep Kumar Dubey , Murali Krishna M , Ajay Kongari , Sudhanshu Atkare , Manoj Tiwari


Reiki: A Complementary Therapy For Managing Pain And Anxiety In Children Undergoing Surgery

Fathimath Shaharban M.H , Umarani J , Sharin Neetal Dsouza


The Effect Of The Flipped-Product Based Learning Model To Improve Student Learning Outcomes

Dedek Indra Gunawan Hts , Ganefri , Usmeldi , Iwan Purnama


Development Of Problem Based Learning Model With Case Study Method In Refractive Clinic Course

Rina Novalinda , Giatman , Syahril , Ambiyar , Dedi Irfan , Refdinal


National Education Policy-2020: Language, Literature And Culture

Dr. D. Nagaraja Kumari , Dayamani Yetcherla


The Effect Of Monetary Policy On Inflation In Ethiopia

Namo Gabisa , Aboma Benti , Mulugeta Tesfaye


Urbanization In Arunachal Pradesh Of India: An Introspective Study Through Gini Concentration

Dr. Ram Krishna Mandal , Dr. Mohammad Afsar Alam , Dr. Ravinesh Rohit Prasad & Dr. Sakul Kundra


Decennial Assessment Of Trend And Tempo Of Urbanization: A Study Of Arunachal Pradesh, India

Dr. Ram Krishna Mandal , Dr. Mohammad Afsar Alam , Dr. Ravinesh Rohit Prasad & Dr. Sakul Kundra


Coefficient Of Individual Difficulty Factor-Method Of Self - Control In Artistic Gymnastics

Mars N. Umarov , Khurshid X. Umarov , Zamirajon B. Sanokulova


Specific Aspects Of The Speech Act In Korean

Dr. Gulshoda D. Yunusova


Quality Of Early Childhood Education In Context Of Personal, Social And Emotional Development In Public And Private Schools Of Bannu Division

Asif Ali Khan , Safdar Rehman Ghazi , Irfan Ullah Khan , Maria Khan , Mudassir Hussain , Mati Ullah , Muhammad Saqib Khan


Sociolinguistic Study Of Subjective Inequality In Selected Novel

Dr. Hussain Hameed Mayuuf and Serin Majeed Mohammed


Technical Progress And Its Aesthetic Interaction In Interior Design

Ghufran Ghanem Jameel , A.M.D. Liqa Ahmed Abdel Rahman


The Electra Complex And Manto’s Short Story “Allah Ditta”

Rao Muhammad Umar , Dr. Muhammad Saeed , Nimra Hanif , Kashaf Iftikhar , Aiman Wakeel


Literary Text And Its Linguopoetic Issues Research

Nizamiddin M. Mahmudov , Marufjon M. Yuldashev


Expression Of The Linguistic Concept Of “Motherland” In Muhammad Yusuf's Poetry

Marufjon Yuldashev , Shoira Ramazanova , Rasuljon Tojimatov


Developing Saint Catherine A Sustainable Tourism Development Prospective

Fatma Ahmed Khalaf , Mona Farouk Hagag , Ghada Ali Hammoud


The Impact Of CPEC On The Economy Of Pakistan

Dr. Ayesha Khan , Farkhanda Ilmas , Muhammad Zubair , Akash Khan , Prof. Dr. Liu Hong Zhong


Teaching Federalism In Universities: Case Study Of Pakistan

Dr. Zarmina Baloch , Dr. Asif Salim , Dr. Sadia Fayaz


Assessment Of The Connection Between Depression And Health Issues Among The Older Generation

Dr. Sajjad Ahmad , Dr. Sadia Anwar , Dr. Muhammad Waseem , Dr. Muhammad Nouman Yousaf ,n Dr. Qamar Afaq Qureshi , Dr. Afsheen Yousaf , Dr. Rida Naz


Exploring The Gender Inequality Gap: Pipelines For Open Source Data Management, A Path To AI Practice

Ana Luna , Pilar Hidalgo-León , Rafael Ricardo Rentería , Andrea Montaño Ramírez


Role Of Pharmacist In Home Medicine Review Services Of Mysuru City

Byadgi Revenasiddappa Jaidev Kumar , Nallupalli Paramakrishnan , Rakshith Udigala Renukaprasad , Mysore Shivakumar Shwetha Shree , Gajendrian Hemavathi , Sanjay Ravindra , Divya Durai Babu


E-Commerce Tax Compliance In Pakistan

Hamza Quddus , Dr.Sara Qayyum ,Nadia Noreen , , Alam Zeb Khan , Kokab Saeed , Hidayat Ur Rehman, Muzamil Shah , Muhammad Aqeel Khan


Philosophy Of Ethics،In The Perspective Of Islam And Contemporary Philosophical Ideas

Uzma Shahzadi , Dr. HM Azhar Usama , Dr.Asma Shahid , Dr. Hana Mahboob , Dr. Amina Saleem


Formation And Improvement Of Word Usage Skills In The Technical Field

Khasanova Vazira Khamidjanovna , Shoniyozova Sadokat Nazarovna , Tolipova Dildora Sattikhanovna , Atamkhamedova Guzal Sabirzhanovna


"Technology Of Teaching Text Editing In Language Teaching"

Iskanderova Oybibi Rakhimboevna , Amanlikova Nafisa Rakhmatullaev , Yusupov Shermatilla Rakhmatovich


The Use Of Interactive Methods And Literary Lessons And High School Education

Kosimova Dilfuza Kurganovna , Abdurakhmanova Sokhibakhan Abdusalamovna , Akhrorova Nigora Sabirovna , Abdukadirova Shakhnoza Gafurovna


Difficulties In Learning Concepts Of Chemistry At Secondary Level In Lahore

Dr. Shamim Ullah , Dr. Misbah Malik , Dr. Rizwan Ahmad


Introduction And Development Of Body Language And Its Importance In Education (An Overview In The Context Of Contemporary And Islamic Teachings)

Ajaz Hussain , Dr. Badshah Rehman , Dr. Mian Mujahid Shah , Dr. Abdul Naseer , Dr. Shafiqa Bushra , Anwar Muhammad




A Qualitative Perspective On Earnings Announcement, Stock Return Behaviour And Investment Strategies; A Case Study Of Psx

Muhammad Ibrahim Khan , Syed Haider Khalil , Syed Mohsin Ali Shah , Fahad Sultan , Muhammad Jehangir , Adnan Ahmed , Wisal Ahmad




Pedagogical Conditions That Ensure The Successful Development Of Physical Fitness Of Modern Youth

Yakubjonov Ikrom Akramjonovich , Yakubjanova Feruzakhon Ismailovna


Cluster As Innovative Approach To Pedagogical Education

Otaboev Mukhsinjon Mukimjonovich


Vocabulary Of The Revolutionary Age Today

Dilnoza Shavkatovna Khodjaeva , Sergey Vladimirovich Likhachev


Dominance And Imbalance Of Power In The Reluctant Fundamentalist: A New Historicist Critical Study

Sobia Rana , Sara Anwar , Dr. Abdul Waheed Qureshi , Dr. Rab Nawaz Khan


A Comprehensive Research, Analytical And Comparative Review Of The Concept Of God

Hafiz Muhammad Hamid , Nayab Gul , Hafiiz Muhammad Ismail Tabish , Dr. Hafiz Irfanullah , Dr. HM Azhar Usama


Verses Of Scientific Nature In The Bible And The Qur’an: A Response To Robert Spencer’s Allegations Of Scriptural Borrowings

Saeed Akhtar , Dr. Mairaj Ali , Dr. Zia Ud Din , Sanaullah , Dr. Shakeel ur Rahman , Dr. Shah Room Bacha