Perception Of University Students Towards Human Psychological Development Through Sports Participation

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Farhan Ali Khaskheli , Muhammad Hashim Darya , Nisar Ahmed Khaskheli , Arbab Ali Laghari , Neelofar Shaikh


The existing study was conducted to evaluate the perception of University students toward human psychological development through sports participation. The foremost objective of this research was to assess the attitude of student-players toward the ultimate impacts of participation in sports from the perspective of human psychological development. The research was conducted on the male & female players of Shah Abdul Latif University Khairpur (SALU) who must have at least participated in the All Pakistan Intervarsity Sports to reach the study’s findings. The research was quantitative and the data was collected through a self-administered survey questionnaire. The collected data was analyzed through the SPSS version 22 and the frequency and percentage were computed to scrutinize the data and to reach the findings of the study. Results showed that most of the respondents had positive perceptions of human psychological development through sports participation. Thus, the research’s objective was achieved and the set hypotheses proved to be correct.  This study recommends creating an effective and attractive environment for teenagers, and youths at Schools colleges, universities, and local and community levels to ensure the maximum possible participation so that the psychological problems be avoided.

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