Relationship Between Psychological Well-Being At Work And Organizational Citizenship Behavior: Empirical Evidence From Indian Healthcare Sector

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Dr. Rabinarayan Samantara , Mohamed Nisfar Changaranchola


The present research examines the association of Psychological Well-Being at Work (PWBW) with Organizational Citizenship Behavior (OCB) in the Indian healthcare sector. A self-report online questionnaire survey was conducted among 308 nurses working at private hospitals in the State of Kerala. The research data obtained on different dimensions of PWBW and OCB were statistically analyzed with the help of such techniques as mean, standard deviation, correlation analysis and step-wise regression analysis. The findings of the study suggest that a positive relationship between the above-mentioned two organizational variables exists. In addition, it is observed that psychological well-being at work and its specific aspects or dimensions positively predict organizational citizenship behaviors. Thus, the degree of rating of psychological well-being at work experienced by an employee significantly influences his/her intention to engage in specific acts of citizenship behavior. The findings of the study have important implications for the healthcare sector in India especially during this situation of Covid-19, on account of the existing disparities in the healthcare workforce, nurse: patient ratio and shortage of skilled healthcare professionals.

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