Role Of Talk Shows On Jordanian Television In Creating Public Opinion: From The Point Of View Of Jordanian Journalists

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Ibrahim Fuad Al khasawneh


The study aims to identify the role of talk shows on Jordanian television in creating public opinion, from the point of view of Jordanian journalists. The study community may consist of Jordanian journalists with a sample of (400) singles.

The study concluded that the talk shows presented by Jordan TV present a balanced view of the causes of the issue being raised and the consequences thereof. The talk shows programs set out to achieve balance in presenting different ideas and viewpoints on an issue raised by viewers, and they create an open environment for exchanging information in which the issue is interpreted and analyzed and its results are presented. They shows that there are no statistically significant differences in the average responses of the study sample members of the Jordanian journalists about the role played by the talk shows presented on Jordanian TV in creating public opinion due to age and educational qualification.

The study recommended the need for Jordan TV to prepare and present talk shows in a way that enhances the desire for interactive participation with the audience during its coverage of the issue that is the subject of the dialogue, and to emphasize the importance of the talk shows related to the formation of public opinion according to what viewers hope and in proportion to the positions they aspire to.

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