Anti-Corruption Policy Of The Republic Of Korea: History Of Formation And Modernity

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Akhtam S. Tursunov , Rakhmatulla Mirzaev


This article describes the experience of fighting corruption in Korea. Korea is a country with tough anti-corruption laws. However, this in itself cannot guarantee the elimination of various types of corruption. In retrospect, the reasons for its functioning and the fight against it in the Republic of Korea, the traditional system of social structure is noted, which largely provokes corruption. At various stages of their activities, the presidents of Korea were engaged in “personnel cleaning” in the civil service, pursued a tough anti-corruption policy. However, each of the heads of Korea became a victim of corruption scandals, although at the household level, South Korean society is one of the most decent in the world. The use of tough measures in this area makes it possible to reveal the facts of participation in corruption schemes of former and current assistants to the head of state, deputies from the ruling and opposition parties, representatives of business structures. As a result, the Korean government’s anti-corruption measures have a positive impact on the country's international image.

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