Cluster As Innovative Approach To Pedagogical Education

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Otaboev Mukhsinjon Mukimjonovich


The process of globalization observed all over the world, like other industries, requires clustering of the education sector. The process of globalization has also led to a sharp increase in competition in the market of educational services. In such competitive conditions, the cluster is a means of using the power of the globalization process against itself. Combining the subjects of education, science and production around a common goal increases their potential. And the cluster of pedagogical education provides for such cooperation. The article is devoted to the scientific point of view of ensuring the competitiveness of the subjects of the market of educational services through clusters. The concept of a pedagogical educational cluster is described, its necessity, implementation processes, principles and directions are shown. The author made comments on the goals, functions, principles and directions of development of the cluster of pedagogical education. Organizational aspects, practical significance, and theoretical bases for implementing a pedagogical educational cluster in practice are highlighted. The author tried to base his views on the views of Western scientists. The research of Western scientists on the educational cluster is analyzed and the author's attitude to them is expressed. Scientific conclusions about the social, economic, legal, marketing and pedagogical consequences of education clustering are presented.

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