Intransitive And Transcends Itself From The Verbs Between The Poetry Of Zuhair Ibn Abi Salma And The Linguistic Use Of The Two Verbs (Redress And Guidance) As A Model

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Researcher: Athraa Raad Ahmed , Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Imad Majeed Ali


It is known that "the intransitive and  transitive by itself" is a term given to the verbs that have been heard hesitating between infringement and intrasivity within the linguistic use, one time the verb responds content with its actor and the desired meaning is fulfilled, and another time the perpetrator goes beyond the perpetrator and establishes himself as an effect without resorting to any means of infringement. Undoubtedly, this frequency is not arbitrary in language but must be accompanied by meanings and connotations that may be identical to the lexical meaning of the origin of the linguistic material and may be different. These connotations can be captured from the in-depth analysis of the text in which the reaction is necessary or transgressive itself.

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