Influence Of Online Fashion Apps On Adoption Of Luxury Skincare Products

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Ms. Monika , Dr. Deepa Kapoor , Dr. Priya Gupta


Skincare products are a category where the customer seeks physical validation and suitability before making the purchase. However, Generation Z, as it is called, with their internet savviness and higher adoption levels of E-Commerce platforms engages in online shopping of these products as well. Luxury skincare products’ brand appeal lies in their exclusivity, and thus, making them available online could be a double-edged sword with unintended consequences. This paper builds on the technology acceptance model framework and uses Regression Analysis and Structural Equation Modelling (SEM) to derive a theoretical model to understand the functional, hedonic and social values of luxury consumers and how the use of technology (fashion apps) affects their purchase intentions of luxury skincare products.

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