Role Of Projected And Non- Projected Teaching Aids In Teaching Learning Process

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Mohmad Altaf Dar , Dr. Roopali Kudare , Yasir Ahmad Dar , Dr. Imran Ali , Dr. Shariq Mohammed


Teaching method is one of the important elements of teaching learning process. A good teaching sometime fails due to non suitable method of teaching. In this era not only the new methods of teaching have been developed but also the methods of teaching are greatly affected by the development of new technologies i.e., computers, computer assisted instructions, projector slides and multimedia Today we are enjoying the benefits of science. Science makes our life very comfortable. Science benefited us in agriculture, transportation, exploration and all other fields of life. Audio visual aids are instructional devices in which the message can be heard and seen simultaneously e.g, television, video films, documentary films, etc. Audio visual aids help in stimulating the ears and eyes. Hence, in the strict sense a teaching aid is any device that can be used to help reinforce new information or skills. Instructional aids are devices that assist an instructor in the teaching learning process. Instructional aids are not self-supporting - they are supplementary teaching devices.

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