Impact Of Characteristics And Knowledge Of Marginal Communities On Participation In The Use Of MKJP

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Ahmad Syaekhu , Hamsul Abdul Gani , Ramli Umar , Nurlita Pratiwi , Irma


This study is intended to see the influence of education and knowledge of marginalized communities, especially in Makassar City, on their active participation in using MPJP family planning. The research was conducted in three selected districts in Makassar, with the most marginalized populations, namely Tallo, Tamalate, and Panakukkang districts. A total of 15 people represented each district, so the total respondents used were 45 people who filled out the questionnaire. Questionnaire data collected next processed and analyzed using smart pls application. This study showed that education has a significant influence on the active participatory attitudes of marginalized communities in using long-term contraceptive methods (MKJP) with a p-value = 0.03, and knowledge has a significant effect on the active participation of the community in using long-term contraceptive methods. The value of p-value-0.00 indicates this. So this shows that both education and knowledge positively influence the use of MKJP in the marginal communities of Makassar city.

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