Peer Pressure In Relation To Parenting Style: A Qualitative Study

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Subodh Bansal , Dr Aditi Bansal


The present study was conducted to study the impact of different parenting styles on peer pressure in adolescents.  A semi-structured interview was conducted with a sample of sixty randomly selected adolescents studying various engineering courses in Punjab. The results of the study reveal that parenting style plays a vital role in an adolescent's life. Peer pressure varies in an adolescent's life. Its level depends on the parenting styles they receive. 25% of the adolescents were raised by highly responsive parents, while 20%, 38.33 % and 16.67 % of adolescents were raised by the controlling, both responsive and controlling and neither of both parenting styles respectively. Further, adolescents raised by both responsive and controlling parents take less peer pressure in their daily lives. While adolescents with ignoring and highly controlling parents are very often prone to peer pressure. Adolescents with highly responsive parents become introverts and face low levels of peer pressure but are highly dependent on their parents in their daily lives.

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