Experimental Approach To Study The Effect Of Endorser’s Credibility & Brand Credibility On Consumer-Based Brand Equity

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Syed Muzamil Rashdi , Muhammad Ismail wasan , Mehwish Manzoor , Uzair Essa Kori


Celebrity endorsement is seen as an incredible exceptional device by publicists all throughout the world. One-in-four advancements use celebrity endorsement. Celebrity endorsement impacts publicizing ampleness, brand acknowledgment, brand review, purchase points and even purchase lead. In this exploration has furthermore displayed that celebrity endorsement prompts an extraordinary perspective toward the upheld brand anyway does it have regard the extent that making brand esteem, The term brand esteem suggests the steady quality added by a brand name to a item. Enduring composing highlights the necessity for additional exploration recognizing advancing activities that can develop brand esteem. Conclusively, The general business shows that majority of marketers failed to understand the need for celebrity endorsement in creating g brand equity. Based on lack of concern and strategic decision the companies are moving business towards ambiguity because they are unable to endorse celebrity that are having approachable personality. The specific business problem shows that how the companies create consumer based brand equity through focusing on dimensions such as brand awareness, brand association, brand loyalty and perceived quality.

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