Quality Of Early Childhood Education In Context Of Personal, Social And Emotional Development In Public And Private Schools Of Bannu Division

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Asif Ali Khan , Safdar Rehman Ghazi , Irfan Ullah Khan , Maria Khan , Mudassir Hussain , Mati Ullah , Muhammad Saqib Khan


The study aimed to investigate quality of early childhood education in context   of Personal, Social and Emotional Development in public and private schools of Bannu Division. Learning Standards Questionnaire (LSQ) was used as a research tool for data collection. All public and private schools of Bannu Division constituted the population of the study. The sample of the study was consisted of 360 selected schools. Mean standard Deviation was used as a statistical tool. Finding showed that children were “very familiar” to know that the state religion of Pakistan is Islam” while children were “moderately familiar” to identify happy /sad occasions” and developed a sense of citizenship. They were “moderately familiar” to ask for help, they were also appreciated their culture and narrate stories. They were “moderately familiar” to express their likes/dislikes and talk about their areas of improvement while children were “slightly familiar” to respect others opinion and take care of his/her and others’ belongings. Moreover it was found that children were “moderately familiar” to “Personal, Social and Emotional Development” of early childhood education.

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