Linguistic Adaptation And Analysis Of The Psychometric Properties Of The Psychological Affect Scales (PAS-12), Work Engagement (COLA-11) And Post-Covid-19 Work Satisfaction And Well-Being (BSL-12C) In Ecuadorian Population

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Juan Martin Cordero-Matovelle , Andrés Alexis Ramírez-Coronel , Gloria Alexandra Latacela , Edwin Alberto Maxi-Maxi , Cristina Carrasco-Carrillo , Viviana Calderón-Neira , Pedro Carlos Martínez-Suárez


The main objective was to linguistically adapt and analyze the psychometric properties of the Psychological Affect Scales (PAS-12), Job Commitment (COLA-11) and Post-Covid-19 Job Satisfaction and Well-Being (BSL-12C) in the Ecuadorian population. Instrumental research was carried out by means of linguistic and cultural adaptation to the Ecuadorian context, analysis of the psychometric properties through reliability analysis (Cronbach's alpha and McDonald's), exploratory and confirmatory factor analysis of the three scales. The results in the three scales had Cronbach's alpha (α) and McDonald's alpha (ω) higher than .80 and the adjustment indexes in the Comparative Fix Index (CFI) were higher than .90, Root Mean Square Error of Approximation (RMSEA) lower than .07 and Standardized Root Mean Square Residual (SRMR) lower than .07. In conclusion, three scales are available to measure psychological affects, satisfaction, well-being and work commitment in adults who work in Ecuadorian companies or in the general population.

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