Ways To Preserve Mind In Islam In The Present Era

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Fathi Mahmoud Mohamed Abdul Rahman


The Islamic Shari'ah has paid great attention to the mind because it is the perception and discernment machine among human beings. By this machine Allah Almighty preferred man over many of his creatures. In addition, Allah Almighty directed people to use their minds through urging them to contemplate, reflect, think, consider and view the skies, earth and what is included in them. Moreover, mind is a foundation in Islam as it is connected to assignment and responsibility. However, once this mind is disturbed, the nation's whole system will be disturbed. Accordingly, its protection against any evil that makes its owner a burden on and a source of devil for society is one purpose of the Islamic Shari'ah. Therefore, this Shari'ah forbids alcohol and drugs. There is no doubt that prohibiting these harmful things to mind is one of the strongest evidences for the Islam's care about and preservation of the mind. So, Islam legislated a punishment for those who have things that corrupt the mind and damage it such as drugs.  Therefore, Islam paid attention to mind preservation and made its preservation as a part of soul-preservation. Allah Almighty assigned the whole and in detail mandate to the existence of this mind. The legal discourse is only directed to the sane. By the mind, the will is directed to compliance. The benefits of organs are nullified by the disappearance of the mind. Moreover, the benefits and organs of the insane will be lost once his mind is lost. Therefore, it is a big crime to tamper with and corrupt the mind.

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