Teachers' Perceptions Of Curriculum Reforms In Fijian Primary Schools

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Mohammed Feroz Ali , Dr. Mumtaz Alam (Corresponding Author) , Purnima Pushpa Din , Jubeena Nazmeen Nisha


The purpose of this qualitative study was to investigate the perspectives of more experienced educators about recent efforts to revise the primary school curricula in Fiji. We conducted Interviews with three educators who each had more than twenty-five years of teaching experience were interviewed. The findings demonstrated that educators were confronted with a significant number of difficulties as a consequence of the implementation of the new reforms. Negative responses to change, the imposition of the Fiji Islands National Curriculum Framework on teachers, the impact of technology, the requirement for ongoing professional development for teachers, and the perceptions of the thematic curriculum acted as barriers to the successful implementation of curriculum reform. Based on these findings, it is reasonable to propose that the Fiji Curriculum Advisory Services should take into consideration the viewpoints of teachers before introducing a new curriculum.

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