A Comprehensive Research, Analytical And Comparative Review Of The Concept Of God

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Hafiz Muhammad Hamid , Nayab Gul , Hafiiz Muhammad Ismail Tabish , Dr. Hafiz Irfanullah , Dr. HM Azhar Usama


The harmony and similarity found in the major religions of the world will be mentioned In this research paper.The divinity was found in images and monuments or ascribed to some dead or non-existent human being and then methods of worship were invented such as bells and drumming, whistling and clapping, incense burning in front of deities and statues and burning wax, making God happy through incense and vapors, etc., but Islam rejected all these notions and gave belief in God alone, who is characterized by all attributes of perfection and beauty, who is always connected with his servants and Who is the life itself that does not get sleep or drowsiness, everything is under His control. He knows the theft of the eyes of the servants and the secrets of the hearts. He knows every particle in the heavens and the earth. He listens to the prayer of the afflicted and relieves his distress. He is the owner of profit and loss; with him are the treasures of the heavens and the earth did and directly established the relationship of the servant with God. There is no need for a Brahmin, a priest, a priest, a rabbi, or a priest. Islam abolished all these external and intermediate customs and restrictions and established the relationship of the servant directly with God. Each person is his own priest, priest, priest and Brahmin. Islam also abolished the confinement of house, temple, church, church and cathedral for worship and declared the entire surface of the earth as a place of worship. God can be worshiped in every place and in every condition, in every place and in every situation.

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