Requirements Of Applying Governance In The Administrative Management Of Sport For The Success Of Professional Sport System (Field Study Of Championship Clubs Of The Mobilis League 1 And 2 Of Algerian Football)

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Fouad bouzidi, Belamri Yassine, Noui larbi, Bilal Belkezzai, Seyah Zakaria, Emammer Khalifa Emammer


- Title of study: Requirements of Applying Governance in the Administrative Management of Sport
for the Success of Professional Sport system. This study aims at highlighting the system of governance
in the Algerian sport clubs which is deemed among the principle elements in the rationalization of the
ministrative work and the enhancement of the quality of services for the sake of promoting the world of
professionalism and competitiveness in sports. The researcher ormulated his research problem as
follows: what is the level of applying governance requirements in sport management for the success of
professional sport system?
- In order to achieve the research aim: the researcher utilized the descriptive analytical method relying
on research tool which consist of two questionnaires: The fist questionnaire constitutes governance
requirements conducted by the researcher and Mezzari Fateh, and the second one represents
professionalism conducted by Tireche Lahcene.
- Research sample: The main study sample was selected from the dministrators of the first and second
professional football league clubs in Algeria. Four clubs were selected randomly from each league (four
clubs from the first division and four clubs from the second league), which constitute a sample size of
(45 administrator).
- Statistical methods: frequencies and percentages, Pearson's correlation coefficient, Cronbach's alpha,
on the ka² test for the single sample or what is called goodness of fit test, Friedman’s ordinal coefficient,
Wilcoxon test for pairwise comparisons.

- Research results: the study manifested the following results: - Organizational chart, strategic planning, internal and external audits are applied to the institution as one of the governance requirements for the success of professional sport at a medium degree in football in Algeria.

- Sport legislations related to football responds to the success of professional sport system to a high degree.

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