Human Psychology Through The Holy Qur'an

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Dr. Adnan M N AL-Anezi


The purpose of this study is to discuss on human being and its components through the Holy Qur’an, And the relationship between body (Which called Jesm in the Arabic language), Self (Which called Nafs in the Arabic language) and spirit (Which called Ruh in the Arabic language). The results showed that all the human traits mentioned in the Qur’an are negative, except for the person who believes in God and obeys His commands. Also, the human being components are the body (Jesm), the spirit (Ruh) and the Self (Nafs) Which was formed when the soul gets into our body. The man has a bad side represented by the body (Jesm), the center of instincts and innate motives. and a good side represented by the spirit (Ruh), that God breathed into man and made him alive and able to do whatever he wanted.  Finally, the part that controls that control over this is the Self (Nafs).

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