A Study Of Stoic Femininity In The Select Novels Of Kazuo Ishiguro

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S. Bavetra , Dr. R. Ravi


Kazuo Ishiguro, the Noble Laureate of 2017, always unweaves a “convincing portrait of human life”. His fictional characters are never away from everyday reality. Through a single mother, a professional butler, a forgotten artist, and many others; Ishiguro gives access not only to the apparent emotions but also to the nuanced emotions that readers hardly observe. Significantly, the article discusses the femininity of some of the female characters of Ishiguro who are "Strong, equanimous in the face of misfortune". Being endowed with femininity is different from being a feminist. While the former refers to the culture-deemed traits of women like being sensitive, nurturing, sweet, and having an appreciation towards aesthetics. Whereas the latter deals with an ideology that aims for socio-political equality among the genders. Characters with such a rebellious combination of virtues give birth to a term called ‘Stoic Femininity’. The article illustrates the idea that a few female characters of Ishiguro cope with their insecurities in life by being stoic-feminine.

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