The Application SOR Theory In Social Media Marketing And Brand Of Purchase Intention In Indonesia: Systematic Literature Review

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Ivan Armawan , Sudarmiatin , Agus Hermawan , Wening Patmi rahayu


Application of the SOR model model (stimulus-organism-response), this study investigated whether social media marketing affects brands which in turn affects their purchase intentions.  Systematic Literature Review research methods. With the restriction of inclusion obtained 70 articles from Scopus, and Google Scholar 17, 700 articles from 2002 to 2022. The total sample was 130 studies based on article selection with the theme  of applying SOR theory  to purchasing intentions in Indonesia.  Data collected through national, Pages of international journals indexed by Sinta and Scopus.  The data was selected with the exception of the fundamental and important so that 13 relevant articles were obtained  for further analysis.

As a result, we found that there are differences in the management of purchasing decisions in Indonesia. There also are variations in empirical studies in the application of this theory. It is also known several factors that affect purchasing intentions in the application of SOR theory by entrepreneurs and businesses in Indonesia by the products and services being marketed.  Recommendations for subsequent researchers to focus on customer behavior theory in determining consumer needs in depth.

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