Verses Of Scientific Nature In The Bible And The Qur’an: A Response To Robert Spencer’s Allegations Of Scriptural Borrowings

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Saeed Akhtar , Dr. Mairaj Ali , Dr. Zia Ud Din , Sanaullah , Dr. Shakeel ur Rahman , Dr. Shah Room Bacha


The Orientalists have produced a lot of literature to engender doubts in the minds of the believers. To undermine the very foundation of Islam, they have unceasingly reiterated that the holy Quran is a blend of ideas copied from the then prevalent religious scriptures. There is a long list of such writers who endeavor to prove that the holy Qur’an is not based on genuine revelation and Muhammad (peace be upon him) is the author of this book. Robert Spencer is one of them; he is an American author, he is quite popular for his criticism of Islam and the prophet of Islam.  He has published twelve books so far. He is a member of Melkite Greek Catholic Church. He maintains that the author of the holy Qur’an has fashioned his religion in accordance with the available Judeo-Christian scriptures. This research article is a part of my trilogy on the comparative studies of the holy Bible and the holy Qur’an. The holy Bible is claimed to be the inspired word of God. As an inspired word of God, it should be ‘flawless’ but it is a sad reality that the holy Bible is brimful of scientific errors. The article highlights scientifically unsound ideas in the Bible to prove that such a book cannot be the source for the holy Quran as the latter is absolutely free from unscientific statements. The last part of the article encapsulates the views of a few scientists who subjected the verses of the holy Qur’an to scientific inquiry and found that the information provided by the Holy Qur’an is substantiated by modern scientific data.

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