Development And Validation Of Job Performance Scale To Primary School Teacher

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Mr. S.Deenadayalan , Dr. P.Karthikeyan


Performance of teachers is of high applicability for both student generations and educational organizations; it is a basic component of education sector, instructional and behavioral research and is considered as fundamental element of educational reform and effective environment. Present paper narrates the development and validation process of teachers perceived job performance, by reviewing available literature and writing of new items.  The items for the scale were collected from review of literature. Keeping in view about the missing gap the preliminary draft of the scale of 70 items was prepared. After having discussion with the supervisor on the preliminary draft, many items were scrutinized on language as well on ambiguity. 16 items were rejected from the preliminary draft. The scale was constructed with 70 statements and administered to 100 primary school teachers. In order to standardize the scale by the investigator applied the coefficients of correlation by Karl Pearson’s Product Moment method for each item.  After the item analysis 54 statements were selected for the final scale. In the present scale the t-value had been calculated. Those item were selected which t- value equal to or greater than 1.75 as had stated by Edward (1957). 

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