Education: Its Positive Effects On The Nyishi Women Of Arunachal Pradesh

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John Pudussery , Dr. Philomina M.J


Kra Daadi is one of the 25 districts of Arunachal Pradesh, a state that is situated in the northeastern corner of India. Many tribes and sub-tribes inhabit this pristine state with breath-taking natural beauty. The Nyishi tribe is numerically the largest in the state. However, quality education is not yet accessible to the vast majority of this tribe. A study was done among the Nyishi women of Kra Daadi district to assess the effects of education in their lives. For this study, the data was collected from 86 samples using a questionnaire. Among the sample, 43 were educated while 43 were uneducated or semi-educated.  The samples were selected from one of the 8 Circles of the district, namely Palin Circle. A total of 30 questions were included in the questionnaire on their social, economic, religious, and political insights. The responses were then analyzed to evaluate the effects of education on them. It was noticed that there is a vast difference in the responses of the educated and the uneducated women not just in the field of literacy, but on a much wider spectrum of areas that affect their day-to-day lives and decisions. This study emphasizes the need to encourage and support Nyishi women to pursue their studies and to bring about social changes that can be achieved only through the education of women.

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