Coefficient Of Individual Difficulty Factor-Method Of Self - Control In Artistic Gymnastics

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Mars N. Umarov , Khurshid X. Umarov , Zamirajon B. Sanokulova


The article is presented, the possibilities of conducting targeted control and adjustment of the training process based on the subjective assessment of the difficulties that gymnasts face when performing gymnastic exercises in multiple fight types are considered. According to the data of the correlation analysis and the results of control tests on special motor fitness, it is possible not only to determine the level of individual physical, technical and psychological difficulty of the program requirements, but also to compare the growth rates of the complexity of programs for gymnasts with different levels of preparedness to identify the most promising ones. This allows the coach and the gymnast to regulate the parameters of the load being performed and to predict the sports result, to increase the efficiency of managing the educational and training process of young gymnasts at all stages of training.

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