Ishkawa Chart In Determining The Size Of The Gap In The Application Of ISO14001 Specification In The Mosul Municipality Directorate

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Prof. Dr Alaa Haseb Abdul Hadi Aljalely , Omar Ghanem Taha Al- Jeraisy


This research aims to determine the size of the gap using the Ishikawa diagram (cause and effect diagram) within the requirements of implementing the provisions of ISO14001 in the Mosul Municipality Directorate. The unit requires studying according to what this unit possesses of the international specification for the environmental management system, and this research has been used in our research: Cause and Effect Diagram, as tools that can be applied in  research.                                                            

It was found from the study that there is this gap between the reality of the specification in this unit and its requirements, and by 63.1%, which is a clear indication of the lack of compatibility in that the administrative practices do not seem compatible and appropriate with the environmental management system and approved in accordance with international requirements, which means it is important to come up with results in our study that can be taken in the Mosul Municipality Directorate.                                                                                                                                        

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