Ho Chi Minh's Ideology On Cadres Work And Its' Ideology Meaning In Cadre Work Today

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Cadres and cadre work have always been a particularly important factor, having a decisive meaning in the victory of Vietnam's revolutionary cause. Therefore, during his entire life of revolutionary activities, President Ho Chi Minh always paid special attention to cadre work, considering it the most important task in Party building, and political construction. state rights. The system of views in his thought on cadre work is a subtle combination of Marxist-Leninist theory with the reality of the Vietnamese revolution, becoming the theoretical and practical basis for the Party to lead. , directing and conducting cadre work to meet the requirements set forth in each previous revolutionary period and the current national renovation and development. Within the scope of the article, the authors do not have the ambition to systematize all of President Ho Chi Minh's views on cadre work, but only briefly present his basic views, thereby clarifying and adding value, topicality, and urgency to our Party's cadres work today.

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