Adventure Game Application To Introduce “Perang Kembang” Story

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Jazuli Abdin Munib1, Bani Sudardi , Titis Srimuda Pitana , Rahmanu Widayat , Deny Tri Ardianto


“Perang Kembang" story has Arjuno and several characters, buto Cakil, buto alas, buto senopati and need game applications designing to reintroduce Indonesian cultural stories and build this wayang characters. The method used in this study is a multimedia development life cycle and used in the research is design of an adventure game application which was developed from the concept of the story "Perang Kembang", with character designs, environments, visualisation and motions are suitable for the user. The research resulted in game "Perang Kembang Adventure” to introduce the story to children to knowing about the historical stories and characters of Arjuno, buto Cakil and additional character. This game is a means of education and is a requirement for knowledge of stories that emphasize independence, intelligence, and courage.

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