Developing Of A Comic Digital Gallery To Improve The Potential Of Visual Communication Design Students

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Sayid Mataram , Andrik Purwasito , Slamet Subiyantoro , Deny Tri Ardianto


To develop the domestic and global comic industry, a synergy between the industry and higher education institutions as providers of professional resources is needed. After the Covid-19 pandemic, learning methods in the world of education are adapted to online-based learning media. Such adaptation is needed to facilitate students’ learning activities. This study developed a website-based comic gallery media using the waterfall method, which is then tested in beta to students using the black box method to get user experience responses. The developed media serves as a storage and display of the students’ comic works that can be accessed globally. The results of the black box test show that the digital gallery system is significantly needed by students, because they can use it as a simulation of the comic creative industry. This simulation media has a cognitive and psychological impact on students. Cognitively, this media can improve students’ potential through learning experiences that are close to the real world of the comic industry. Meanwhile, psychologically, this media can help students develop their mental capacity to face industry challenges and the possibility of gaining personal popularity.

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