Developing Saint Catherine A Sustainable Tourism Development Prospective

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Fatma Ahmed Khalaf , Mona Farouk Hagag , Ghada Ali Hammoud


This study demonstrates the general aspects of the current sustainable tourism development situation in Saint Catherine, Egypt, while emphasizing the importance of improving the destination brand image. With its cultural and religious assets. The study clarifies the general situation of St. Catherine before and after implementing sustainable tourism development projects. The methodological approach includes quantitative analysis using the deductive approach theory that was accomplished by distributing a questionnaire to 300 visitors and Egyptians regarding re-visiting St. Catherine following the sustainable tourism development. The findings indicate that sustainable development can protect St. Catherine's culture and authenticity, which were proven to have a strong beneficial influence on visitors' intention to revisit. Sustainability mechanisms help governments develop policies for sustaining development and promoting tourism. Therefore, governments may gain a competitive advantage by developing market-relevant strategies and integrating internal and external stakeholders in strategic planning and implementation.

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