An Investigation Into The Mediating Effect Of Affective Commitment Between Distributive Justice And Teachers’ In-Role Performances

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Professor Dr. Jamshed Adil Halepota , Professor Dr Sajida Parveen , Dr. Asghar Ali , Nabeel Anjum , Dr. Anjum Ihsan , Dr. Nazim Ali


The basic aim of this research is the investigation of affective commitment as a mediating role between distributive justice and teachers’ in-role performance. Affective Commitment Scale (Meyer and Allen, 1991), Distributive Justice Scale (Niehoff and Moorman, 1993) and In-Role Performance Scale (Goodman & Srivastava, 1999) were used and collected data from three hundred and seventy six (N=376) teachers of Public Sector Universities of Pakistan. The principles proposed by Barron and Kenny (1986) to test the mediation were used in this study. SPSS and Amos were employed to analyze the data. The results of correlation showed a significant relationship between distributive justice and in-role performance (r=0.547, p=0.000), distributive justice and affective commitment (r=0.464, p=0.000) and affective commitment and in-role performance (r=0.395, p=0.000). Confirmatory factor analysis showed a significant relationship of distributive justice with affective commitment and in-role performance. The direct impact of distributive justice on in-role performance was partially mediated by affective commitment, results showed. Recommendations for future research have been given.

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