The Use Of Metaphors And Similes In Modern Class Rooms: An Applied Study In The Context Of Teaching Style Of The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

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Dr. Amir Hayat , Dr. Muhammad Tariq Ramzan , Mr. Khubaib ur Rehman


The importance of metaphors and similes in the learning process is above board. Recent studies have indicated the positive impact of use of metaphors and similes in teaching especially foreign languages. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) has been regarded as role model for the Muslims. Every Muslim tries to follow him in every field of life. The Prophet used various metaphors and similes in his lectures to successfully transmit the required knowledge. For this it is important to study the metaphorical style of teaching of Prophet Muhammad an its application in the modern class rooms. The article focuses on the teaching pedagogies of the Prophet Muhammad and its application in the modern day class rooms.

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