Topical Issues Of Road Safety In The Kyrgyz Republic

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Amanai Akmatova , Egemberdi Toktorov , Adel Babaeva , Alim Bazhikbaev ,Markilen Babaev


Road accidents are caused by low discipline of road users, which leads to injury and death of hundreds of people. The work focuses on the main factors of accidents including road users’ low discipline with drivers’ low qualification. Road safety laws, especially those addressing five key road safety hazards such as speed, drunk driving and motorcycle helmets, seat belts, contribute to improving road users behavior by reducing crashes, injuries, child restraints and deaths. We took into account statistics, where we examined the reasons why people are dying. Authors believe that it is not necessary to fight the accidents consequences, but to eliminate causes. This article notes that the greatest positive changes in road user behavior occur when traffic safety laws are supported by robust and sustainable enforcement and public awareness. Authors especially note that road user’s trust and respectful attitude is necessary, which is the postulate in solving road safety problems.

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