Analysing The Impact Of Psychological Intervention Programs For Behavioural Challenges In Adolescents

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Disha Chaudhary , Dr. Ritika Chanan , Ashaben Sharma


Interventions with behaviour are intended to influence how people behave in connection with their health, ultimately leading to growth. Alternative forms of treatment, such as counselling, supportive problem-directed therapy, behavioural intervention, cognitive remediation, and therapy, have been discovered to be beneficial alternatives to drug management. This study aims to investigate the major outcomes and efficacy of a psychological interventional program for adolescents who have been recognised with behavioural disorders. The investigation was carried out considering 150 randomised adolescent subjects undertaking behavioural interventions among Ghaziabad’s educational bodies and schools. The method of data accusation based on survey research was enacted for the study, and the results are concluded based on adolescents’ responses on the distinct factors based on the intervention program. The results analysed comprehends that the behavioural intervention programs were impactful and highly advantageous for the individuals in the present and destined future life.

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