A Comparative Study Of Efl University Students' Written Performance On Cloze And Standardized Test

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Maha Ahmed Yaseen, Wassan.A. Rasheed


This study aims at investigating EFL university students written performance in cloze tests compared to their performance in standardized tests in relation to the grammatical mistakes, vocabulary, and discoursal mistakes of the texts they write. Exploring whether or not the cloze test can be successfully used to measure the grammar, discourse aspects and vocabulary of EFL writing texts. The researcher used a causal-comparative design. There were 275 third graders at Mosul University who made up the study's population. A random sampling method was used to collect samples for this study. During the academic year 2021–2022, a total of 110 male and female 3rd grade university students from four distinct classes made up the sample. Two groups made up of 55 students each are used for each test to divide the sample into. In this study, a test was the instrument used. Specifically, cloze tests and standardized tests were the two test types offered. The results of the current study demonstrated a significant difference between the students' written performance on the cloze test and their written performance on the standardized test, which was used to measure written performance among third-grade students at Mosul University.   

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