A Study To Diagnose The Secondary School Teachers’ Beliefs About The Use Technological Innovations In Teaching Learning Process

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Dr. Shafqat Ali , Dr. Tariq Mahmood , Muhammad Saleem , Dr. Safia Rehmat Ullah , Abid Ali


Utilization of mechanical advancements plays essential part in growing experience. The fundamental subject of the article was to examine the instructors' opinions about mechanical advancements while educating the learners. Objective was to recognize educators' opinions towards use of technological innovations. To address this objective an examination question was created i.e. Is there any main contrast of educators' opinions towards technological innovations. A five point likert scale instrument was created and used to gather information. 400 instructors educating to secondary classes were chosen for taking responses. The gathered information was dissected by utilizing SPSS programming. For inferential insights t-test was utilized to address the planned question. Information showed that there was significant contrast among various teachers on their convictions to utilize mechanical advancements. On the foundations of conclusions it was suggested that educational program developers ought to add material for the significance and utilization of mechanical advancements to upgrade belief level of instructors towards the utilization of innovation.

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