What Mental Health Intervention Needed During Covid-19 Pandemic?

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Dr. Krishna Chandra Choudhary, Sarita Kumari


Coronavirus is spreading rapidly all over the world and the cause of COVID-19 disease. Concerns about the Coronavirus have increased in everyone’s mind and serious threat. The impact of the virus has shocked the whole world. The new form of the virus (second wave i.e. COVID-2.0) was affected more people unexpectedly. COVID-19 epidemic has affected very badly psysically, economically, culturally, politically, psychologically, emotionally, medically and much more. Moreover, amidst a new form of havoc-wreaking, it has become a double challenge to save lives as well as a livelihood (employment). This virus has created fear, severe anxiety, helplessness, an atmosphere of mourning, and an explosion of emotions all over the world. This tragedy is a sudden and widespread challenge. Ensure adherence to the current COVID protocol to deal with the situation resulting from the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic and prevent a series of virus outbreaks by vaccination. An atmosphere of fear, uncertainty, anxiety, and feeling of guilt, doubtful atmosphere, and despair are the major problems of the present life. In a state of fear and anxiety, a person’s emotional response often leads to psychosocial fear, apprehension and nervousness, which can be reduced by the exchange of emotions. This increases the ability to adjust and mold them according to the situation. Mixed emotions and psychosocial stress, mental pressure, anxiety, emotional and behavioural issues resulting from this aggravated situation, along with the positive environment and psychological intervention prove to be effective. By adopting positive thinking and constructive activities, one can get out of a stressful situation. Newspapers, social media and television are being used to make people aware. Only the needs are to strive with strong will and sense. It is time for us to maintain a good mental state and morale. We need to fight this battle as much as we can.

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