Style Of The Story Bandiyar And Guwa Madrid By Harekrishna Deka

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Rajlakshi Dutta


Harekrishna Deka is a popular Assamese poet, who is born in the year 1943. He is not only a poet but also a story writer. Deka is one of the Assam's contemporary writer whose work is excellent in multiple dimension. He has a different style of writing which placed him a bright star in assamese literature. In this paper priorly discussing about the writing style of Harekrishna Deka in his story specially consider two noted creation "Bandiyar" and "Gua Madrid".Harekrishna Deka has written these two stories with beautiful and powerful dialogue presentation. And style of conversation is also remarkable. He has given living form to the description and character of the story with his own style of language. The style of language of Harekrishna Deka has been attempt to be discuss in this research article. This article is emphasis on linguistic analysis of his writing style. The article covers various aspects regarding his two short stories.

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