Reproductive Behavior And Gender-Based Violence

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Sarah Labib Wafi , Asst. Prof. Dr. Suad Radhee


Since ancient times, human societies have known many and varied forms and different practices of violence, as it has become an international phenomenon that sweeps across all borders and geographical and temporal frameworks. On the other hand, there is a strong relationship linking them, and this relationship is unequal scientifically, economically or socially, which causes physical, psychological and material damage to the individual, group or social class.
As for gender violence and reproductive behavior, it was not addressed in practice as an independent concept worthy of contemplation, research and revealing its secrets. Except in recent times, social and legal studies and research, some women’s movements, and the position of the United Nations General Assembly, according to some recommendations, have tended to stand by women and reduce violence against them of all kinds, which result in physical, psychological and behavioral harm, especially behavior during pregnancy and childbirth, the type of child and what behavior is issued Gender (male and female(.

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