Surviving Domestic Violence In Rural India: An Exploratory Study Of The Influence Of Legal Awareness On Women's Coping Methods

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Radhika Mohan , L. M. Frey , Preetha Menon , Meenu P. Prakash , Sandrine Bonin


Among the atrocities perpetrated against women, domestic violence (DV) is the most common. DV triggers enormous stress that requires coping. This qualitative study explores the coping mechanisms of marginalized, impoverished women victims of DV in rural India. Through semi-structured interviews, the study examined the influence of legal awareness (LA) sessions on their coping styles. Results suggest that such advocacy sessions could facilitate a shift from maladaptive to more adaptive coping and appeared to motivate empowered actions to curb DV. The study also suggests secondary prevention in the form of LA as reinforcers of women's resilience. Further research can support building evidence on legal empowerment to confirm the findings.

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