Visual E Book English Instructions In Improving Primary School Teachers’ Performance In Indonesia

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Euis Yanah Mulyanah, Ishak


This research aims to improve teachers’ performance in Indonesia. This research uses observation, questionnaire and test with quasi experimental research design. The research population is the teachers of primary school in Tangerang District. The sample of this research is 80 respondents. The type of analysis used is nonequivalent control group design. The results of the study are: First, there is a significant effect of the influence of visual e book in increasing performance primary school teachers with minimum score posttest of experiment group 12, maximum score 84, mean 35.15, std Deviation 21.99 and variance 483.26 than maximum score from posttest of control group is 10, maximum score is 66, mean 28.70, Std Deviation 11.05, Variance 122.164. mean that there is the influence from the score for percentage is 22% in improving teacher performance through visual e book.

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