Adolescent Deviant Behavior And Satisfaction With Life : A Brief Inquiry

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Dr. Afreen Faiza , Tooba Farooqui , Hasnain Raza


Adolescent are getting more and more dissatisfied with their life and it has been witnessed that their deviant behavior is also increasing with every passing day. The current research was conducted to find out relationship between adolescent deviant behavior and life. 150 students with an age ranged from 16-19 years participated in study.AdolescentBehaviorQuestionnaire(ABQ, Ma, 1988) and Satisfaction with Life (SWL, Pavot, & Diener,1955) were administered on (N=150) students with an age ranged from 16-19years. They were selected from different educational institutes of Karachi-Pakistan. Outcomes showed negative relationship between deviant behaviour and life satisfaction(r= -.273, p< .001). Study also showed significant differences forĀ  gender andĀ  family structure for deviant behaviour and life satisfaction among students. Implications were discussed in the light of present outcomes.

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