Overview Of Balochistan As A Place Of Global Interest

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Jahanzaib Jalil , Shumaila Kamal Khan , Latifa Mansoor


This paper seeks to critically examine the significance of Balochistan as a geopolitical and geographical reserve that attracts attention from around the world. The largest province in Pakistan, with a total size of 350,000 square kilometers and a population of barely 0.7 million, is Balochistan. Between 24°32'N and 60°70'E is the province. The length of the coast is roughly 770 kilometers. The province's eastern, central, and northern regions are home to high mountains, some of which rise above 2,300 meters (7,000 feet), while the lowlands are located at about 1,500 meters above sea level. The Sulaiman range, Toba-Kakar-Kakar Khurasan range, and Central Brahui range are some of the high mountains. By creating a historic marine passageway that is exploited as a source of current trading, it attracted substantial interest from international powers and became crucial for world trade in many aspects. The study will also go into Balochistan's overview as a key geostrategic region and a global center of interest. Finally, the article will offer a quick overview and thorough study of the dynamics of Balochistan in Pakistan and around the world. The goals of foreign states are to increase their economic might in order to gain world dominance by holding the lion's share of the planet's energy resources. As a result, expanding their control over global energy resources, energy transit corridors, and important land and sea commerce ties is now essential, and Balochistan has become the epicenter of these efforts.

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