Value Creation Through Advertising Insight Into Consumer Perception Of Sportswear Using Disclosure Methodology

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Ericka Villamares, Esther Vilca, Aldo Benavides, Gustavo Espinoza


Organizations know that today much more is needed to connect the brand with the consumer, advertising messages that bring value to the audience or target, and for this, they work with creativity, strategies, among others; however, this is not enough, since it is not always possible to achieve the objectives of their advertising campaigns. The purpose of this research is to contribute to the communicational strategy of the companies, creating value in the advertising issued, and to connect the subconscious of the consumers with what they perceive, hear, see and feel when they receive the advertising message. We will work with the identification of the insight, before launching an advertising campaign, using projective, facilitative, and ethnographic techniques. The planner will be able to know what consumers have inside; what they think, feel and what are the real reasons why they buy a product or make use of a service.

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