Classification Of Public Security Objects

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Ismailov Isamiddin


in the context of globalization, the aggravation and strengthening of various manifestations of challenges and threats to public security imposes on each state, in particular their competent authorities, urgent tasks for the continuous improvement of the public security system. To create a public safety system that meets modern requirements and needs of society, it is necessary, first of all, to clearly define the range of its objects and establish regular monitoring of changes in their structure, which will make it possible to form a system of subjects capable of having a timely and effective impact on them, as well as to develop a set of measures that should be implemented by them.

In the article, based on a systematic approach, a scientific and legal analysis of the concept and classification of public safety facilities is carried out, as well as the relationship and features are revealed.

Problem statement: today, public relations related to public security affect all spheres of public life, their interdependence, as well as the lack of systematization of normative legal documents regulating these relations prevent the uneven provision of peace and tranquility of the population, sustainable development of society, as well as the formation of a system of effective elimination of challenges and threats directed against the interests of the individual, societies and states.

Theoretical knowledge formed about the objects of ensuring public safety on the basis of the real state of relations in all spheres of public life, ongoing reforms in the judicial and legal system, as well as regulatory legal acts defining the requirements and rules for ensuring security in relevant industries, territories, buildings, structures, mahallas, even courtyards and apartments based on the analysis of existing regulatory legal documents, as well as their classification according to the relevant characteristics, serve as an effective tool, necessary for the activities of employees of practical bodies.

The purpose of the study: by applying a special approach to the consideration of the concept and implementation of the classification of public security objects, clarifying their essence, as well as developing criteria for determining their relationship and the actual state today.

Research methods: general scientific, including formal-logical (analysis, synthesis, generalization, abstraction, hypotheses), private scientific (observation, questioning, interviewing, content analysis of documents).

Results and main conclusions: public security objects and their interrelation, changes in objects necessarily cause changes in the system of subjects. By analyzing public security facilities, they are divided into general, special and private facilities, and their features are determined. Based on the requirements of the Constitution and laws of the Republic of Uzbekistan, as well as in accordance with national interests in the field of public security, author's definitions of the concepts of general, special and private objects of public security have been developed and included in scientific circulation.

In addition, specific features of general, special and private public security facilities were identified and their classification based on appropriate criteria was developed.

The theoretical knowledge formed about the concepts and classification of public safety objects, as well as by their types, will be applied when teaching the subject “Fundamentals of public Safety” and can be used in the activities of practical staff.

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