A Study On M-Banking System Amongst Consumers In Silchar – Assam (India)

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Mr. Saumyabrata Nath , Dr. Manisha Choudhary , Dr. Kanika Parashar


The terms m-banking, m-payments, m-transfers, and m-finance refer collectively to a set of applications that enable people to use their mobile telephones to manipulate their bank accounts, store value in an account linked to their handsets, transfer funds, m-banking or even access credit or insurance products. This paper uses the compound term m-banking/m-payments systems to refer to the most common features. The era of mobile banking in India began several years back when the RBI mandated alerts to customers through SMS for their physical banking activities. As per date available on October-2022, in India 701 banks have been approved for offering mobile banking services. As per recent data, 8 in 10 bank account holders in India’s metro now use mobile banking. Over 80% of the people of India have bank accounts now. It is evident that mobile phones have reached more households than basic banking services. Being the fastest growing mobile subscriber market India has a huge potential for M-Banking. In this paper an attempt is made to find out the adaptation of m- banking in Silchar – Assam (India) . For carrying out the study responses were collected through a structured questionnaire. The sample method is convenience sampling & to analyze the data we have used statistical tools. Total 100 responses were collected. The main objective of the research is to find out the adaptation of mobile banking in Silchar - Assam, knowledge of M-banking, which services of mobile banking they use, their view about the fee of M- banking charged by banks & their overall satisfaction through M-banking.

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