Concerns And Influencing Factors For Millennial Workforce’s Engagement In The Aviation Sector In Delhi/NCR Region

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Dayanand Tripathi , Dr.(Prof) Gurinder Singh


Employees' attitudes and actions toward their jobs are major factors in the success of any business. The pilots, flight attendants, and ground service professionals who run an airline are key to its efficiency. This study aimed to determine what factors, if any, influence employee engagement. The goals of this research were to examine the factors that influence millennials' level of engagement at work in the Indian airline industry, and to determine how demographics influenced the research outcomes. We took a representative sample of 200 people and split them into three age categories: Baby boomers group (32-41 years old), generation X group(32-37 years old ) and generation Y group (26 -32 years old). Employee engagement was also divided down into five categories. The current research made use of a variety of methods, including analysis of variance (ANOVA), Chi-square  testing, descriptive statistics, and percentages analysis. There is a strong correlation between the five chosen criteria of job engagement and job performance in the aviation industry, according to the research.

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