Strive For Precision Among The Distinguished Students

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Manaar Abid Al-Razaq Latif , Prof. Dr. Iman Sadik Abid Al-karim


The study aims to perceive the strive for precision according to its domains for distinguished students, and for the purposes of the study it had been necessary to suggest a measure for the concept of strive for precision in its five domains, as this scale had been subject to validity test, then it was applied on a sample of (500) male and female students of 250 males and 250 females.

   The results show that the distinguished students strive for precision beside (the Commitment, Review patterns, Repetition, Assessment of products and Consistency of results) at a higher level, as the assessment of results had the higher average, followed by the integrity of results and repetition commitment and review of the results in spite that all the means have an indicative higher than the theoretical mean, the examination of results show the highest means of 46.84 the review of patterns has the lowest means of (44.51),  therefore the researcher can deduce that the mental mindset of strive for precision represents the cognitive capacities of the student which enable him to fulfill the educational tasks.

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