A Model For Building A Rural Three Industries Integration Ecosystem In China - A Multi-Case Study Based On Four Representative Villages In Different Regions Of China

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Weili, Xiang ; Kunlin,Zhu, Brian Sheng-Xian, Teo ; and Zunirah, Mohd Talib


China has achieved rapid rural development by implementing the integration of three rural industries. It is of research significance how to further promote the implementation of the integration of the three rural industries. We selected representative villages in four regions of China for the study through a multi-case analysis approach. The case studies revealed that China's rural areas have successfully escaped from poverty while forming a relatively completed ecosystem for the integration of three industries. We define and build an operational model of the Three Industries Integration Ecosystem in rural China.The construction of a three industries integration ecosystem in rural China is a very important part of the study. The construction of a three industries integration ecosystem in China's rural areas can help promote the revitalization of China's rural villages. At the same time, China's experience can also be useful for other countries to develop rural industrial integration.

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