Comparative Study Of Applanation And Optical Coherence Biometry Method For The Intraocular Lens Power Calculation

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Rakibul Hasan Khan


One of the most common and successful ophthalmic procedures today is the removal of water from the eye and the implantation of a fake intraocular lens. One of the excess issues, notwithstanding, is the precise computation of intraocular lens power important for accomplishing the ideal postoperative refraction. Refractive result following phacoemulsification relies on exactness in different factors utilized in biometry procedure. In this study I have analyzed the intraocular lens power estimation by traditional applanation ultrasound, customary submersion ultrasound and halfway coherence laser interferometer For our tertiary instructional hub, where staff with varying degrees of involvement and mastery in biometry take estimates the context of computation of the intraocular lens that is needed prior to waterfall medical procedure, the review examined visual biometry values using applanation and inundation procedures.

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